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Fool Proof Tips to Re-Energize

Drained? Feeling like the life is sucked right out of you? We want to arm you with tried and true tips to create your own plan of attack. I know, I know... Self-Care? Yup. This is no different than a tune up on your car or an occasional reboot for your IPhone. You have to take care of your body, in order to have your body continue taking care of you. Simple.



What are Benefits to Self-Care?

  • Renewed energy

  • Reducing stress

  • A fresh new perspective towards life, feeling positive

  • Creating feelings of happiness, calm and peace within

  • Feeling healthy and good about your body

  • Increased confidence & self-esteem

  • Increased passion for life & motivation to succeed

Our body, mind and emotions keep us informed as to whether they are being taken care of in the way the need to be.

Here are some signs that Self-Care is needed:

  • Low in energy

  • Feeling stressed, irritated or frustrated

  • Lacking motivation, procrastinating

  • Lacking zest or passion for life

  • Emotional (crying easily, short tempered, etc)

Steps for Self Care:

  • Focus on Just the Next One Thing (Baby steps): Don’t overwhelm yourself with grandiose ideas; pick simple things to start off with. For example, decide to start with 5 minutes meditation each day rather than 30 minutes.

  • Get Real (Make it practical): Stick to what you know you could achieve if you put your mind to it. Start with a 15-minute walk; you can then increase the time if you like.

  • Be Kind. (Go easy on yourself): See, when starting something new we all need time to adjust and learn. If you fall off the wagon don’t criticize yourself, that’s not what this is about, get back up and keep going.

  • Listen to your Inner Coach, not your inner critic. Your inner critic will attempt to dissuade you from trying anything new. It’s the part of you, which is motivated by fear. Quiet that critic and begin to listen to the supportive voice of your inner coach. Your inner coach will always encourage you. It’s that part of you that wants to succeed and wants to get up and do it. So turn down the volume on the critic and crank up the volume for your coach.


Make your plan unique for the uniquely- unique you!


Use the following template to help you map out your own Action Plan!

Now that you have created your unique Self-Care Plan, it is time to put it into action and to keep the momentum going.

Keep your Self-Care Plan in sight. Post your activities and goals in a planner, schedule reminders on your phone or computer, or create a vision board. Every day acknowledge these plans with affirmations and begin to integrate them into your daily life.

As you make progress remember to take the time to celebrate and acknowledge the steps you have taken. Challenges help us to grow and learn. Don't give up when you get knocked back. Get back up, shift, dust yourself off, adjust and lean in. You can do it.


"All progress takes place outside the comfort zone." --Michael John Bobak


About the Author: Dr. Jude Black is the CEO & Founder of E-Therapy Cafe. She is our Story Lover, Emotional Healer, Chaos Calmer, Change Catalyst, Resiliency Ninja, & Life Expert. To schedule a session with Dr. Black, click here.

E-Therapy Café™ is a people-focused, innovative online counseling and coaching platform for individuals, couples, families and corporations. The mission is to provide professional, convenient, and affordable, modern online therapy – anytime, anywhere for everyone. The Boutique Team of Licensed Therapists and Certified Life Coaches are passionate change catalyst, focused on realistic goals in today’s fast-paced world. The headquarters is in Northern VA with a nationwide and global reach.

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