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online wedding coach.

Beauty and Calm.

Premier Online Therapy for Today's Busy World
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Our Online Wedding Coaching Services

Maintaining EXCITEMENT AND SANITY while planning for your big day. 

The Wedding Coach is your expert for calm!. 

Our approach is different than many others because we leverage our professional background and life experience to help you build confidence for the big day.


Wedding coaching.

We help you navigate the inevitable challenges that a wedding entails: squabbling families, ever-increasing guest lists, wedding jitters, and pure overwhelm. We provide consulting services for brides, hold their hands via telephone, text, and email, coordinate and calming your soul for a stress-free wedding day.  We blend our expertise, take into consideration how unique you are as a bride, and strive to see life through your eyes. 

Handle  the stress, overwhelm & family conflict effectively.

We help brides and grooms-to-be deal with significant stress, feeling overwhelmed, family drama and communication hiccups that spiral into all out wedding wars.  We offer practical, actionable strategies that allow brides to reduce stress, establish clear boundaries and gain peace, clarity and focus.

Since this will be one of the most important days in your life no doubt you’ll have many people that will want to share in all the details as you meticulously plot out the venue, food, entertainment, dress, décor, photographer, video documentation, and a million other little details along the way.

In fact, chances are lots of people will be oh-so-quick to offer you their help, opinions, and possibly even criticism.

Which is only one of the stress factors that a bride will face when planning her wedding. Communication is key during the wedding planning process. We help make sure your effective communication skills are solid and give you tools to respond, not react. 

We are the impartial experts who understand what you are going through. With us, you will have a safe place to discuss your frustrations, disappointments, and challenges. We provide well-planned strategies to assist you through conflict resolution and setting boundaries, and ensure that your feelings of guilt, anger and sadness are validated.

A bridal coach can help guide you through the treacherous waters that go hand-in-hand with planning a wedding.

It's your big day... we can help.

Our Board Certified Experts create calm, increase insight, and give your the skills to navigate this!  We are "your person" who will smile, calm, and back our skills up with education, experience, and expertise!


A few things we address:

Budget Issues: S.T.R.E.S.S.O.R. Money from the family, is it a loan or a gift? We teach you how to have that conversation without feeling like you are in kindergarten again!

Control: This is YOUR day! Who do you want involved and WHAT specific tasks will that person do? If your in-laws pay for the rehearsal dinner, do they control the entire dinner or do you have a say? What about flowers? If mom and pop are paying, is it mom’s wedding or yours? We help you identify, explore options, and create a clear plan to feel good about your decisions!

Family drama (Divorced parents and difficult relatives): Who walks you down the aisle? What estranged friend may show up? Perhaps you have un-accommodating in-laws. Perhaps Uncle Frankie had one too many or Noni thinks your “dress is too tight”. We teach you how to get in front of the relationship issues and enjoy your day dancing with your new spouse!

Managing challenging guest issues: Cousin “So and So” showed up with a “plus three” and you didn’t plan on that. Or you worked so hard on making sure the seat assignments were perfect, only to find out "someone" rearranged an entire table. We help you prioritize the important and urgent matters versus radical acceptance and focus. 

Anxiety: Ok, seriously. We all have anxiety at some point in our lives. However, planning the BIGGEST day of your life can pull out emotions that you never knew you had! Tears flow, laughter erupts, and sometimes “crazy ensues”. We help you channel your inner peace so that you can “show up, breathe, exhale and just calm!”

Blending cultures: Do your values line up with your soon to be happily-ever-after? We can help you work through this, shift, and avoid painful crashes in the future. We can can provide you with tools for difficult conversations focused on growing a "stronger us".

Post Wedding Crash: Yes, we are there after the balloons are popped, the rice is thrown, and the honeymoon ends. We are there to help you navigate relationship transitions, tolerance, communication failures, and “Rock your marriage!”

Having a bridal coach will help you get a handle on your anxiety, overwhelm, sadness and stress so that you can walk down the aisle feeling beautiful, brilliant and blissful!

It's your big day... Are YOU ready to:

Clear up the conflict and draw your bridal boundaries?

Go from overwhelmed to organized?

Walk up that aisle and love every millisecond of your Wedding Day?

Then you are ready for us.

We will show YOU how to make your Wedding Day all go right by focusing on the most important element of your wedding ~ your confidence, calm and happiness. We will help you identify what is important, establish boundaries, clear up the conflict, channel your inner calm, and "be in the moment."

We will grab your hand, hold you accountable and help you identify not only what you truly want for your wedding and your marriage, but create the action plan to get you there.

So many brides take so much time worrying about everyone else that they forget the number one item on the list that will make their day go like a dream - THEMSELVES!

Get Professional Online Wedding Coaching

You can trust. 
Prices and Plans to fit your busy life
Let us help you maintain EXCITEMENT AND SANITY
while planning for your big day. 
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Start creating your "Calm" and reauthoring your life. Take tips from our blog!

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Our mission is simple.
Professional, convenient, affordable online therapy for all.

Anytime. Anywhere. 

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