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Are You Hungry...or Just Upset???

Have you ever eaten your feelings? Been stressed and just NEEDED that piece of cake? We have... so our very own Eating Psychology Coach, Elisa Jordan, made this infographic, made just for you to begin to recognize the differences in sensations between emotional and physical hunger!

Once you become more aware, you can act on the choices that you want and need, versus feeling succumbed to the power of food like in binge eating episodes. With this knowledge you then have the power to address your true needs - physical and emotional - with better serving self care behavior patterns.

About the Author: Elisa Jordan is E-Therapy Cafe's Wellness Warrior; "Health at Every Size" Activist; Body Positivity Crusader; Perfectionism Healer​. To work through some of the messy things in life, schedule an appointment with her HERE.

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