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VSee for ETC

Premier Online Therapy for Today's Busy World

E-Therapy Cafe

VSee - Our online virtual office

VSee was founded in 2008 by two Stanford PhD students, Milton and Erika, who wanted to make remote work simple. VSee now serves over 1000 companies including Walgreens, MDLIVE, Trinity, DaVita, HCA, Seton, McKesson-US Oncology, and others. The original VSee platform was coded by Milton who did his PhD research on the psychology of video communications.  Milton has deployed VSee for former President Obama’s Inauguration, for the Navy Seals, for Hillary Clinton and Angelina Jolie in their refugee work. He has also personally traveled to Iraq twice, Syria twice, as well as Africa, Southeast Asia, and Latin America on numerous humanitarian and medical missions trips.


VSee's tech advisors included legendary design thinkers such as IDEO’s David Kelley (Apple mouse designer and close advisor to Steve Jobs) and Stanford University’s Terry Winograd (PhD advisor to Google founder Larry PageDoctors. In fact, NASA chose VSee to be its exclusive video chat + telemedicine platform for astronauts on the Space Station. Therefore, we knew VSee was a great fit for E-Therapy Cafe.  

With Vsee’s innovative telemedicine solutions, you receive high-quality therapy over a Hipaa-secured E-platform, in your space, on your schedule, anytime, anywhere. Again, we are removing any obstacles and barriers and giving you the convenience of getting the support you need without traveling to an office, waiting in the waiting room, and changing your schedule. With Vsee’s mobile and web apps, you can easily connect with your therapist or coach, making telemedicine a win-win for all parties involved.

VSee faqs

How much does it cost to use VSee?

  • VSee is free! 

Is VSee secure?​

  • Although there are always risks when using the internet, VSee is one of the top choices for many companies because of the high security it offers. Vsee is an encrypted Hippa-compliant video platform, allowing users to be at ease, knowing that their sessions and information is secure.

Do I need a computer to use VSee? 

  • No! VSee allows the user to use it through a computer, tablet or smartphone device. VSee also offers a free app that can be utilized on your device.

How do I use VSee?​

  • Click HERE and enter in your email address on the front page Follow the steps in your email inbox to download and install VSee on your device.

What if VSee isn't working? ​

  • VSee offers a customer service option for troubleshooting tips if needed. CLICK HERE to submit a request to VSee, or you can call support at 650.390.6970Video Tutorials are also offered online.

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