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professional online therapy for veterans.

Building resiliency. 

Premier Online Therapy for Today's Busy World
E-Therapy Cafe

Our Online Military Counseling Services

 Building resiliency in today's busy world. 

It starts with a conversation. 

Our Board Certified, Licensed therapists come to you! 

In comfort of your space, your schedule, anywhere, anytime. 

We remove barriers by providing professional counseling that is simple, affordable and convenient.  


Military counseling. 

We have a strong appreciation for what our men and women do for this country and the sacrifices they make.  Sometimes, those sacrifices can leave invisible scars that hold you captive, frozen in time, stuck with memories that won't budge, won't leave & just keep coming. 

Our Boutique team of experts are here for you to confidentially work through issues that are holding you back from living the life you want. and building a happy future.  Our founder, Dr. Jude Black, has dedicated the majority of her life to serving our heroes, giving back, listening, walking, and supporting Veterans during some of their darkerst days.  At E-Therapy Cafe, we want to continue and expand her vision.  Our extensive training in trauma and military combat issues can empower you with the tools to thrive, overcome, and live fully. 


We meet you where you are.  Confidentially, privately, securely, and professionally. 

E-Therapy Cafe recognizes the sacrifices of the MilSpos and the families. Maybe you have found yourself living a life that is not what you envisioned. The frequent moves, career instability, and unpredictable lifestyle can increase stress and leave you feeling alone. Maybe you have been placed into the role of a "Caregiver" for your military member and have somehow "lost" yourself.  We understand and are here for you. 

Getting ready to PCS? No worries, we will come with you. We give you that safe place to talk it out, rediscover your strengths, and renew your energy. 

Create a life of purpose.

Seeing a therapist can help you build resilience and learn strategies to navigate stress, anxiety and the daily challenges of life.

Get Professional Online Veteran Therapy

You can trust. 
Prices and Plans to fit your busy life
Let us help you building resiliency, navigate the challenges & thrive!
Military Discounts for Subscriptions. 
Register, Connect, Calm

Fill out a brief questionnaire so that we can get to know you!

We will then send you a link to our secured portal to schedule with your therapist!


Connect with your therapist through real-time E-Videos, Instant E-Chats, Phone, or E-Journals


Start creating your "Calm" and reauthoring your life. Take tips from our blog!

Our mission is simple.
Professional, convenient, affordable online therapy for all.

Anytime. Anywhere. 

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