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Kiley Brescoach

Perspective Giver, Self-Care Enthusiast, Dog Lover, Confidence Builder, Thought Changer, Personal Growth Gardener 


Kiley Brescoach

Licensed Graduate Social Worker

State of West Virginia #2455

Masters of Social Work

West Virginia University Laude

Bachelor of Arts in Psychology: 

Fairmont State University 

Registered Therapy Dog Team – The Alliance of Therapy Dogs

Certified Youth Mental Health First Aid Trainer

Certified Compassion Fatigue Professional


Areas of Expertise:

Anxiety, Young Adults, Self-Care & Self-esteem, Animal Assisted Therapy, Life-transitions, Depression


Strengths based, client, centered, CBT focused approach with an emphasis on self-compassion.

I focus on active listening while encouraging you to set and achieve goals that we come up with together. I am committed to you and these goals. I encourage my clients, offer alternative perspectives and try to push gently in a positive direction. I am here to journey with you to where you want to be!


I am a huge advocate for improving self-esteem. I think it’s an issue that affects so many different areas of our lives including relationships, family, our work, even daily functions such as ordering food or trying something new. I try to incorporate techniques and skills to improve confidence and form a positive sense of self. I also host a Self-Esteem Workgroup.


I focus on meeting you where you are but also reminding you of where you have set goals to be.


Encourager, Wife, Dog Mom, Crafter, Spaghetti Devourer, Book Worm, Fun Aunt, Organizing Queen

When I was two years old, an accident left me without half my vision. However, from a very young age I realized only being able to see out of my right eye somehow gave me more sight than I ever could imagine. Especially learning to adapt, maneuver, and rebuild in a new way. Losing sight doesn’t have to equal blindness, but can give a vision, a new perspective to see from. And that’s what I want to do for you. Help you find your own view, giving you the right glasses to overcome your own challenge and strengthen your resilience. 

We all have things in our lives that make us sad, put us down, cause stress, fear or self-doubt. Often society forces us to think that not being okay is problematic. I’m here to help you see that it IS okay to not be okay. And it IS okay to need help, we all do sometimes. Although the struggles are important to process, moving forward- I want to help you figure out how you can take that experience and fill up your own personal toolkit for when life breaks you down, so that you can build your foundation stronger. Ready for the next. 


My experience varies, I’ve worked with adults, children, teens, at risk youth, juveniles, domestic violence victims, parents, with CPS, schools, and those in crisis. Currently, I am working toward certification through the Beck Institute and my LICSW. My history has influenced my perspective that treating each person needs to be individualized and collaborative. Meaning that the person that knows you the best is you! So you are in fact, an expert of yourself. (How cool, right?) And I’m glad to work with you using an approach that makes you feel comfortable, more confident, and motivated. I want you to feel like you can achieve while also being in charge of choosing how you do so. Therapy isn’t always black and white, it’s adaptive- as it should be! As humans, our main similarity is that we are all different. We have different emotions, wants and needs. So why not approach therapy in that way?


Through the implementation of techniques and interventions from evidence-based theories, along with active participation, we can tackle your challenges head on. I will guide you, challenge you and assist you in growing into the best you that you can be.


When I am not doing therapy, you can find me doing home DIY projects and remodeling, enjoying sunshine when I can and spending time with my husband and two special pups – Della, a Goldendoodle, and a little Border Collie named Gray.

I love love to explore, read, and cook! 

Kiley's Professional Background 

Kiley Brescoach is a Licensed Graduate Social Worker in the State of West Virginia. She obtained her Masters degree from West Virginia University in 2019, while gaining experience with individual, group and family therapy on an acute inpatient unit serving a multitude of mental health conditions including anxiety, depression, and self-harm behaviors. Her research at graduate school consisted of finding a correlation between Animal Assisted Therapy and Job Satisfaction for Clinical Therapists. Kiley double majored at Fairmont State University in her undergraduate pursuit and obtained a Bachelor of Science in Sociology and a Bachelor’s of Science degree in criminal justice in just three years. Currently, Kiley is in the process of obtaining supervision for her LICSW licensure, and also is in the certification program through the Beck Institute for Cognitive Behavioral Therapy. She is a part of a Registered Therapy Dog Team with her Goldendoodle, Della, through the Alliance of Therapy Dogs and volunteers her free time doing Pet Therapy with patients in the hospital.

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