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Inez Hill

Change Agent, Education Guru, Cross-Cultural Connoisseur, Life Strategist, Transition Guide


Inez Hill

Master of Arts  

West Virginia University

Bachelors of Arts

Fairmont State University

Certified Professional Life Coach

Expert Level Life Coach Certified

Certified Life Purpose Life Coach

Certified Happiness Life Coach

Certified Master Life Coach

Areas of Expertise:

Education and Learning Issues, International students and ELLs, Cross-cultural and Career Development, Ministry, Dating, Parenting, Authenticity, Women's Issues, Goal Clarification, Time Management, Self-Awareness, Life Transitions. Faith Based


Holistic, collaborative, values-based action coaching rooted in the CAAACS model using appreciative inquiry to connection, assessment, articulation, action, commitment and support.


I am passionate about being an interactive, supportive, and (gently) persistent life coach. Life happens. Transitions are normal and inevitable yet often present us with a little soul searching as we navigate new life directions. I help frame life experiences by exploring and clarifying frameworks and personal identity. 


My extensive travel, education and cross-cultural experiences have provided me with unique insights into human motivation and behavior and an understanding how individuals and organizations fit together.  I help maximize personal development while understanding the importance of maintaining a healthy work/personal life balance.   I serve as a comfort zone expander because I have the unshakable belief that you are fearfully and wonderfully made and endowed with incredible (and often unexplored) gifts and talents.  Through my personal thought reframing process, I will help you access the wisdom to guide your next action steps and provide the focus and support to keep you moving forward.  We will celebrate successes together and maybe even do some hand holding when life gets tough.  My end goal is to help craft a strategic plan to navigate your consciously chosen future.


Globetrotter, Linguaphile, Teacher, Avid Cyclist, Closet Actress, Foreign Correspondent, UPS Wife, Girl Mom, Dutch Oma

Most people mispronounce my first name on the first 3 tries and you’d think I’d be sick of it by now, but I’m not ~ I love the conversation opportunities and laughter it opens up! Having traveled to 17 different countries & spending 19 formative years growing up in Europe and West Africa, I know first-hand that life transitions can be challenging.  I approach life with a natural curiosity and a strong appreciation for cross-cultural considerations.


I have worked with diplomats, foreign service nationals, administrators, teachers, students, ministry leaders, celebrities, executives, moms, dads, young entrepreneurs, women, men ~ people nationwide just trying to find their footing & balance in life. The one universal truth regardless of who you are or what you do?  Our lives all tell a story shared through a multitude of chapters. Every stage of life is a chapter in your book.  My number one priority is to walk with you through your current chapter and help you turn the pages. I want to challenge you to adjust your lens, generate new possibilities, create opportunities, and break through barriers. I commit to walk with you and help you to find ways to navigate life’s transitions, discover your inner strength, renew your courage, and view changes as new chances to fulfill your life purpose. 


The loves of my life are my husband of 26 years, a dedicated and wise UPS man, my two beautiful daughters, and my amazing grandson.   I love being in God’s creation~ hiking, biking, swimming or just simply sitting and watching the skies turn fiery at sunset. Regardless of where you are or what you do, you have incredible an incredible story worth living and sharing.  It would be my honor to come alongside and help you write it.

Professional Background

Mrs. Hill is a Certified Professional Life Coach, a Certified Life Purpose Life Coach​ and a Certified Life Coach, expert level. She is a Licensed and Certified Educator in the State of West Virginia and a trained National Writing Fellow. She has been instrumental in the homeschooling community through providing portfolio assessments and educational guidance.   Additionally, Inez is certified as an administrator and teacher through the Association of Christian Schools International (ACSI) with a focus on Secondary Education.  She is frequently requested to speak on current issues in West Virginia for the European broadcasting company NOS.  She completed her undergraduate degree from our very own hometown university of Fairmont State University and her M.A. from West Virginia University. Mrs. Hill has extensive post-graduate training in world languages, leadership studies, and cross-cultural professional development. 

Inez is currently accepting new clients, so feel free to contact us to set up an initial appointment or ask any questions you may have. She is very flexible when it comes to scheduling, and has more available appointment times available than what is listed on his calendar.

She can be reached directly via email at

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