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Seneca Field

Force of Empowerment, World Traveler, Intuitive Empath, Shame Destroyer, Human Rights Advocate, Spiritual Warrior


Seneca (Horton) Field

Licensed Graduate Social Worker (LGSW)

State of West Virginia

Master of Social Work  

West Virginia University

Certified Life Coach: Expert level

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

Bachelor of Social Work

West Virginia University

E-Therapy Cafe®

Areas of Expertise:

Individual, Couples, Trauma, Grief, Women’s issues, LGBTQ+, Depression, Anxiety, Dual Diagnoses, Mood disorders, Stress Management ​


Strengths based, Attachment Theory, Positive Psychology, Families systems theory, Feminist Theory; Person centered, Emotionally Focused Therapy (EFT), Mindfulness based Cognitive Behavioral Therapy & Trauma Focused Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Motivational Interviewing, DBT Skills training.


Are you feeling stuck?  Wondering if this is all you were meant to be?  I can help you find the passion and motivation for life that may seem to be hidden right now.  I can help you work through the thoughts, feelings, and behaviors that you are engaging in and find ways adjust them so that you can turn your life into what you want it to be.


I focus on your strengths and capabilities to assist you through this journey of life.  You have it inside of you already—you may just need a little extra guidance and direction!  By working collaboratively, I help you take control and work towards peace, self-assurance, and healing.  If you’re suffering from past hurts and trauma, I can help with those as well.


Though the work won’t always be easy, it will be worth it!  I am here to help, and look forward to joining you on your journey to ultimate wellness.

About me. 

World Traveller, Dog Mom, Artsy fartsy, Human Rights Advocate, Drummer’s wife, Feeler. 

I have always felt shame around my level of emotional sensitivity. After running from my vulnerable nature for years, I decided to try

 something new; I chose to lean into my inner world. This shift created space that allowed me to reframe my sensitivity from weakness to strength (with a little fine tuning) In addition to practicing psychotherapy, my sensitivity and vulnerability allows me to experience the richness and divine meaning of each moment; this includes experiences and feelings that are both positive and negative. In my personal life, I enjoy painting, writing poetry, snuggling with my fur-babies, listening to my husband rock out on stage, gardening, hiking, swimming, practicing spirituality, connecting with my friends and family, traveling the world, participating in activism, and sleeping in :)

Professional Background. 

Prior to earning her Master’s degree, Seneca worked in the child welfare system, with the homeless population, in community mental health, in the juvenile court system, and in the school system. While obtaining her MSW, Seneca worked as a graduate assistant at the West  Virginia Employee Assistance program where she practiced individual and group psychotherapy. Additionally, Ms. Field worked part time as an addictions counselor at a medically assisted treatment program. Since earning her Master’s degree and professional license, Seneca has consistently practiced clinical psychotherapy in both private practice and community mental health settings.  She is trained in modalities such as CBT and DBT and has a strong interest in Emotionally Focused Couples therapy and EFT for individuals. 


So amazing! Our time with you has been invaluable. 

Seneca has helped me through some of the most difficult times in my life and I could not be more grateful. She is not only an exceptionally skilled therapist but an amazingly empathetic person who I think could help anybody with any problem they are facing!

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