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The written word has power. It allows us to reflect on thoughts, feelings, and behaviors from a different lens.  It also provides us with a running history of our journey as we work through life.  Writing allows you to process things differently and is cathartic. It also gives you a running record of your journey & is a way to help you become more self aware, gain insight, facilitate change, and live in the present.  Use this therapy just as would use a personal journal.  Write down what is hold you back, where you feel stuck, feelings, and thoughts.  This as a virtual brain dump to vent and get it out!


“It’s not in the rereading that one finds solace but in the writing itself. It’s like crying—you don’t know why, but you feel so much better afterward. Everything pours, streams, flows, out of you aimlessly,” writes Samara O’Shea in her beautifully written Note to Self & Other Dangerous Pursuits. 


Please restrict your story to 700 words or less to allow us to focus on your most pressing issues.  Once you submit your journal, we will respond and provide you with insight, challenges, and possibly homework to help facilitate insight, understanding, and strengthen your resiliency. 


We come to you online, in real time.


In your space, anywhere you have a connection.

We make moving forward simple cost-effective, convenient, and secure.  We leverage modern technology to connect with you online through our more-than-HIPPA compliant, secured virtual platform.  Choose from real-time Virtual E- Video Sessions, Instant E-chat session, and/or Virtual E-Journal Exchanges depending upon your needs. 

Our Board Certified Therapists are here to help.


  1. Register. Fill out a brief registration so we get to know you and your needs.  

  2. Connect. Once you complete the registration, you will receive an emailed link to your secured portal to connect with your own private, secured E-space to schedule with your therapist and start the process of change. Your therapist will also personally reach out to you. 

  3. Calm. Let our Board Certified, Licensed Therapists help you breathe, shift, recenter, and calm. 


Through our secured portal, will share a journal template with you. 


Veterans & 1st Responders

We appreciate your service, your sacrifice and want to honor you! We built this company with you in mind! Just let us know and we will give you a 10% discount on all sessions. Thank you for all you do!

Operation "Give Back"

E-Therapy Cafe is focused on change and making the world a better place. So, we contribute a portion of every session to our charity affiliates: The Gary Sinise Foundation and The Freedom Service Dogs of America. 

Our mission is simple.
Professional, convenient, affordable online therapy for all. Anytime. Anywhere.