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Jordanne Stacy

Broken Heart Mender, Communication Builder, Conflict Resolution Strategist, Depression and Anxiety Liberator.

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Jordanne Stacy

Marriage and Family Therapist, State of California: 

Expert Level Life Coach

Master of Science/ Counseling/ Marriage and Family Counseling/ Child Therapy

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Areas of Expertise:

Couples, Individuals, Family Counseling, Sex Therapy, Depression and Anxiety Relief, Trauma, Grief, Life Transitions, and Crisis.


Eclectic rooted in Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) and a Humanistic Approach, Strength Based.

Are you feeling stuck?  Wondering if this is all you were meant to be?  I can help you find the passion and motivation for life that may seem to be hidden right now.  I can help you work through the thoughts, feelings, and behaviors that you are engaging in and find ways adjust them so that you can turn your life into what you want it to be.


I focus on your strengths and capabilities to assist you through this journey of life.  You have it inside of you already—you may just need a little extra guidance and direction!  By working collaboratively, I help you take control and work towards peace, self-assurance, and healing.  

Though the work won’t always be easy, it will be worth it!  I am here to help, and look forward to joining you on your journey to ultimate wellness.

About me. 

Everyone has a story and the book is only half written is my philosophy. I feel like sometimes people just need a safe platform to work through their next sentence, paragraph, or chapter. My passion is to help people navigate the twist and turns that life throws at us, while helping them gain the self-confidence they had in themselves all along.  I want to challenge you to take that step, turn that page, and continue to write the story of your life. During the process you will discover things about yourself that already exists by finding your inner strengths, life goals, mend wounds, and develop a sense of personal identity. I am a advocate for self-care and finding things that bring you happiness in life.

Professional Background. 

Jordanne Stacy is an associate marriage and family therapist in the state of California. Jordanne has her Master of Science in Counseling from the University of Phoenix, Los Angeles, with her Undergrad from Cal State University Bakersfield with a major in Criminal Justice and a minor in Psychology. Jordanne is a member of California Association of Marriage and Family Therapists (CAMFT). Jordanne has extensive experience working with families, trauma, grief, children, adolescents and Veterans while working in community programs like intensive outpatient programs (Wraparound and Full- Service Partnership), and outpatient services.

Jordanne is currently accepting new clients, so feel free to contact us to set up an initial appointment or ask any questions you may have. She is very flexible when it comes to scheduling, and has more available appointment times available than what is listed on his calendar. She can be reached directly via email at


Incredible first time experience with therapy. Jordanne is gentle but so knowledgable about things that are getting in my way. 

Jordanne is just awesome! We love her!

Very compassionate. She asked the right questions at the right time. She also creates an open and safe encourage to express our concerns and issues. I appreciate that she doesn't try to solve our problem for us, instead gives us tools to address them ourselves

She is so amazing! She is efficient (just what I was looking for, especially because I am on the 30 minute plan, and she can do SO much during that time), she is articulate, professional, helpful, and makes therapy fun and enjoyable!

Jordanne is a great communicator. She is committed and diligent. She leads sessions in a structured, balanced way.

More to come!

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