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ESA letter options. 

The total cost of our complete service is $225.00 and includes everything you will need to fly and live with your pet. The complete service includes: Assessment, Evaluation, one (1) Real-time E-Video Consultation and Emotional Support Animal prescription letter. Documentation support for one year. 

*Please verify the airline you choose to fly as not all airlines are ESA friendly. 

Additional options are:​

  • Housing Prescription Only (not recommended for Colleges/Dorms) $165.00; inclusive of one (1) real-time E-Video Session.

  • Renew Housing Prescription Only $125.00

*E-Session Prices and Plans for supportive therapy can be found HERE

*Should you not qualify for the ESA, E-Therapy Cafe will refund the funds minus a $50 service fee for Assessment analysis.

*ESA letters are not refundable once prescribed. 

*For ESA Renewals, contact

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