Brittan Donohoe

Normal Eating Enthusiast, Moderation Mentor, Vegetarian Married to a Carnivore, Balance Creator, Wellness Champion

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Brittan Donohoe

Registered Dietitian Nutritionist (RDN)

Licensed Registered Dietitian (LD):

State of Minnesota; #3192

RD Licensure Verification in Minnesota

Certified Life Coach: Expert level

Certificate in Public Health:

University of Minnesota

Bachelor of Science in Dietetics:

Saint Catherine University

E-Therapy Cafe

Areas of Expertise:

Body Image, Negative Food Thoughts, Distressing Food Behaviors, Intuitive Eating, Mindful Eating, Hunger and Fullness Cues, Wellness


Inquisitive listener with a strong memory who will partner with you to address your nutritional needs and concerns.


Are you confused by endless nutrition information? Frustrated with meeting nutrition or exercise goals? Are you considering starting a diet or fed up with constant talk about diets? Feel like you’re in a rut with food? Unsure if your meals are on the right track? Let me be a sounding board and source of information to help you achieve your goals!


Throughout my career, I have found that people often know more than they think about food. Unfortunately, we put pressure and judgements on the way we think about our groceries, our meals and our bodies that has many people feeling less than confident about their choices. My hope is to help you reconnect with your body - whether it is identifying hunger and fullness cues, helping mange critical thoughts about food or checking in on your grocery list - I’m here to help! My goal is to walk beside you on your journey to feeling better about your nutritional needs.

Professional Background. 

Brittan is a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist in Minnesota focusing on rebuilding and strengthening connections with food. She is also certified as an Expert Level Life Coach. Brittan received her undergraduate degree in Dietetics from St. Catherine University and also completed a Certificate in Public Health through the University of Minnesota. Her dietetic training provided experience with cardiac health, oncology, Intensive Care patients, surgery recovery, food insecurity and specialized meal preparation and delivery. The program also allowed her to work with and learn more about people from different cultures. Brittan is currently working as an outpatient dietitian at an eating disorder center. She works with individuals, families and their loved ones. Her involvement in various levels of intensive programming includes facilitating supported meals, nutrition and cooking groups. She works with individuals throughout disordered eating spectrum. This also includes related challenges such as depression, anxiety, diabetes, cancer, weight loss or restoration. She has also worked closely with individuals considering, preparing for and completing bariatric surgery.


Brittan is currently accepting new clients, so feel free to contact us to set up an initial appointment or ask any questions you may have. She is very flexible when it comes to scheduling, and has more available appointment times available than what is listed on his calendar.

She can be reached directly via email at

About me. 

Professional Wedding Dancer Wanna-be, Donut Fanatic, Gardener, Cat Rescuer, Street Biker, Netflix Aficionado

I started college adrift outside of a deep feeling that I wanted to help people. After some intense soul searching and college credits, I found my way to nutrition and knew I was on the right path. Dietetics created endless avenues to make someone’s life better. During my training, I struggled because I wanted to offer more than a brief consult. I wanted to share my knowledge and provide support throughout the process of change - not just a brief instruction at the beginning. I found my way to outpatient nutrition counseling and haven’t looked back.


I began helping people heal their relationship with food in an eating disorder center. This work has been challenging but also deeply rewarding and humbling. It is truly an honor to partner with someone while they explore the impact of food on their body. Everyday is different. I laugh, cry, share and grow with my clients and their loved ones. Through the years, I’ve learned when someone needs a push, a co-pilot or empathy. It has also made me an optimist and believer that anyone has the ability to make changes.


I have also learned that nutrition is not one size fits all and encourage my clients to give me feedback. I am more interested in finding tools that work for you than following a rigid format. My hope is to help you problem solve your nutritional challenges to allow you to feel better physically and mentally so you can resume control and enjoy food. This may be a quick check in through one session, food record feedback through e-journaling or a longer partnership. Whatever your needs, I am eager to work with you.  


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