Adriana Davidson

Compassionate Care Bear, Caring Nature, Empathetic Ear, Meticulous Craftswoman, Solution Seeker, Unique, Thinker, Energy Giver, Resource Finder Queen

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Adriana Davidson

Licensed Clinical Social Worker in Texas

License 63304 

Master of Science in Social work in Mental Health & Substance Abuse

University of Texas at Arlington, Arlington TX

Expert Level Life Coach

E-Therapy Cafe

Areas of Expertise:

Anxiety, Depression, Bipolar, Chronic Pain, Addiction, Divorce, Family Conflict,  Stress, Coping Skills, Relationship Challenges, Grief, Vocational Changes, Transitions, Sexuality and Anger Management. 


Eclectic, solution focused, mindfulness, motivational interviewing, coaching, person centered, holistic, meditation, strength-based approach rooted in Psychoanalytical & CBT theories.​    


Have you lost someone or something close to you? Do you feel overwhelmed with life and are unsure of what the next step is? Let us work together to help you move forward and into a new chapter. It would be my honor to help you heal and get rid of any emotional rocks that are weighing you down.   As a social worker I focus on counseling and case management so you get any outside resources that would be helpful in addition to therapy. Also I offer holistic ways to help you find balance in your life again. We can work together to try new coping skills and to find the right homework assignments to help you grow.   My goal is to help you to continue resiliency that you already have and to feel like you are exhibiting the best version of yourself. I want you to feel less emotional heaviness everytime we talk and to feel more renewed!  

About me. 

Goofball, Korky, Random, Culture Lover, Passionate About Linguistics, Nature Enthusiast, Documentary Fan, Novice Painter, Kindred Spirit, Human Guide, Animal Lover and Coffee Aficionado 


Some look at my name and say how on earth do I say this name? Feel free to call me Adri or A which has been my nickname for several years.  


Over the last few years I have had many blessings in disguise and struggles that I felt I would never get through.

My self esteem was low and I had gone through a lot of bullying growing up. But when I met a counselor and a medical team that helped me cope with my struggles I felt inspired to switch careers. I lost 50 pounds over the course of a year in 2019 and have a background in accounting. This helped me realize in 2014 that I wanted to work in an industry to help people and to really make a difference. I took a risk by leaving my stable job and focusing in on graduate school but in the end it paid off.  


I have been lucky to work in a variety of areas such as private practice, non profit agencies, school district (elementary-high school), medical clinics and with a variety of ages (5-98 years old). I can proudly say that there have been ZERO dull moments in my career. It has been an adventure that I am glad to still be in!


My family are my biggest support system and I feel blessed to be able to work in a field that I am very passionate about. I really enjoy doing activities such as painting and yoga to help relax. It is beautiful and my honor to see clients get better and it helps remind me of why I got into this profession initially.  

Professional Background. 

Adriana Davidson is a bilingual Licensed Clinical Social Worker (LCSW). She works with adolescents and adults using an eclectic approach tailored to the unique needs of each new client.


She received her Masters of Science degree in Social Work with a focus in Mental Health & Substance Abuse from the University of Texas at Arlington. Ms.Davidson received specialized mental health and substance abuse clinical training for working specifically with children and youth funded through the US Department of Health & Human Services, Health Resources and Services Administration (HRSA).


Ms. Davidson has over 6 years of experience in a variety of settings and with diverse clients, including both long-term and brief interventions. Areas of expertise include anxiety, depression, bipolar, chronic pain, addiction, divorce, family conflict, stress, coping skills, relationship challenges, grief, vocational changes, life transitions, sexuality and anger management. Adriana believes in offering clients a safe space where they can feel compassion, no judgement, empathy and acceptance.

Adriana is currently accepting new clients, so feel free to contact us to set up an initial appointment or ask any questions you may have. She is very flexible when it comes to scheduling, and has more available appointment times available than what is listed on his calendar. She can be reached directly via email at


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